Florida: Three Major Destinations


In October 2017, the crew headed to old haunts in Tampa to revel with fellow Mama Guava Stumblers in Tampa’s historic Ybor City.  The festival is now known as Guavaween.

Gween-AllB4.JPG (140423 bytes) Gween-BBeer.JPG (168622 bytes)
Before the Real Trouble Is that Buccaneer Beer?


We’ve posted a very small sample of the craziness we saw.  This event has grown to the size and feel of a small Mardi-Gras (complete with bead currency).  I was here about 10 years ago, and it was simply a glorified pub crawl.  Now, whole streets are cordoned off and stages set up for big band entertainment.  We had the dubious pleasure of catching Blue Oyster Cult in action.



The next day, the weather was beautiful, and the crew hooked up with Barbee and headed off to Raymond James Stadium using a Florida car rental to watch the World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers crush the upstart Dallas Cowboys.


RJ-Crew.JPG (174037 bytes) RJ-Front.jpg (115953 bytes) RJ-Inside.JPG (176218 bytes)
The Road to the Stadium Chris & Suzie Out Front Barbee and Sons Inside


This was the first visit to the Buccaneers’ new stadium for everyone, so we had to check out all the stuff in Buccaneer Cove at the North end of the Field.

RJ-BCBeer.JPG (174935 bytes) RJ-AllBC.JPG (171685 bytes) RJ-ShipDetail.JPG (180458 bytes)
Beer in front of Pirate Ship Everyone in the Cove Ship Stern Detail


The Tampa Bay area is surrounded by the city of Tampa and mainland Florida to the north and east and by a small peninsula of beach communities to the west, known as Pinellas County.  The county includes the cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater and several smaller communities.

One great way to tour this coast is by boat.  Luckily our good buddy, Mike Longnecker, offered to take us out on a fine beer-soaked cruise.

PinCty-MBoat.JPG (148383 bytes)

PinCty-Stern.JPG (169173 bytes)
Megan Enjoying the Florida Lifestyle Relegated to the Back of the Boat
PinCty-JohnsPass.JPG (153903 bytes) PinCty-JMBoat.JPG (147335 bytes) PinCty-CBoat.JPG (159729 bytes) PinCty-CJBBoat.JPG (150469 bytes)
John’s Pass View A Sunny Day Boating Just Got Another Beer Everybody Posing
PinCty-CBBeach.JPG (145051 bytes) PinCty-JBPass.JPG (165127 bytes) PinCty-PalmPav.JPG (153457 bytes)
Hangin’ Out at John’s Pass View from the P-Pav Bar



PinCty-SandB.JPG (160786 bytes) PinCty-JakeLunch.JPG (169850 bytes) PinCty-BucFans.JPG (161905 bytes) PinCty-BeachWalk.JPG (164968 bytes)
Patio Lunchtime Notice the Empties Quite at Home here An Afternoon Stroll

When we visit the St. Pete / Clearwater area, we are fortunate enough to stay at Chez Barbee in Seminole.  The neighborhood is very close to all the beach stuff.  We have a few quick photos of our accommodations and cats.

Thank you, Barb for putting us up when we visit.  And also, thanks for buying all that beer!

During a break in the game I got a shot of downtown Tampa as seen from Raymond James Stadium.  When I grew up here, Tampa had only one tall building (the blocky black and tan shape in the forefront).

Now I hardly recognize the place.  But I still continue to avidly cheer for the Bucs from the left coast.

Key West

The Conch Republic consists of the oddest mix of people: salty dogs, gays, preppies, drunks, and tourists.  Sometimes a little bit is just not enough.  Some times recovery can be quick.  Sometimes recovery can take an extra long time.  Who knows what happened here?  We don’t know who this guy is, but I’d guess he’s formulating a plan to live in Key West permanently.

Globetrotter’s Diary: Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio is home to skyline chili, the Reds and the Bengals, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Ohio River and the Contemporary Arts Center. But I have to admit that one of my favorite establishments is White Castle. Miniature steamed burgers, fed-up employees and sleazy customers – what a terrific combination.

Since you can find White Castle almost anywhere in the South, I’ll mention my other favorite Cincinnati hangouts – the Blind Lemon in Mount Adams and the S.S. Adventurer Steamboat.

Cinn01.jpg (47552 bytes)

Mount Adams is quaint, cozy, Cincinnati hip, pedestrian-friendly, varied – the neighborhood attracts a younger crowd looking for entertainment. We’ve spent several chilly nights hanging out by the outdoor fire pit at the Blind Lemon. Next door is a restaurant that is always packed with people. We also enjoyed the jazz bar farther up the street.

Eden Park is quiet and idyllic. Folks jog, walk with their dogs, play with their children and lounge on the lawns. The park is also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum. The museum maintains permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits. Even though we weren’t huge fans, we enjoyed a Jasper Johns exhibit with an extra-large straw chair.

An Evening in Mt. Adams

Downtown is a working area interspersed with restaurants, museums and bars. The Contemporary Arts Museum offers unique exhibitions such as installations, modern art and computer-generated works. We enjoyed the inside out Volkswagen bug . There are also plenty of restaurants and bars to amuse most visitors.

We enjoyed a nice meal at the Key Club, an historic building that lends flavor to the city. I think the building has been around since the 1700’s.

Ohio River Ride

A steamboat ride down the Ohio River is a blast. In addition to taking in views of downtown Cincinnati on the Ohio side and the more bucolic Kentucky side, we learned about local history from our friendly captain. The river is calming, so even if you could care less about geography and facts, it’s relaxing and fun.

Mostly home to students, Corryville is more sprawling than the rest of the city. We drove the car we hireh in Cincinnati by the Frank Gehry Library on the University of Cincinnati campus. Yes, it’s weird – the windows seem warped and they are arranged in odd shapes and sections. He did incorporate lots of brick so the building still feels attached to the rest of the campus.